Fan bird carving

I'm reflecting on my summer of greenwood carving and scything courses and finally getting time to upload some photos of all the lovely people I met this year. Teaching craft is such a nice way to spend time with and meet lots of different people. Most come along as complete beginners who are maybe interested in starting a new hobby or just want to try something new.

I've been teaching fan bird carving courses now for several years and, during that time, learned a lot to refine the techniques both for my own making and to help students have success.

The lady in the photo at the top of this post came along with her husband and daughter. At the start of the day she told us that she had 'no real practical skills at all'. A few hours later and she was sitting with a little flock of some of the best fan birds I've seen. That look of pride and slight disbelief is worth gold for me.

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