Green Wood Craft Courses

Spoon Carving

Carving spoons from fresh wood is a fantastic hobby that has become hugely popular recently. Turning a tree into your own practical and unique wooden spoons using an axe and special carving knives is inspiring, engaging and addictive! No experience needed, you'll learn step-by-step in a safe and fun atmosphere. 

Fan Bird Carving

fan bird 3 Steve Tomlin Crafts
Learn to carve these amazing and beautiful birds from a single piece of wood without any glue. We will look at selecting wood and preparing it for carving before you learn to carve your own birds using simple tools and my own specially developed techniques. 

Ash Splint Basket Making

Ash splint basket course UK
An ash log is pounded to separate the individual growth ring layers which are woven into lightweight, elegant and strong baskets. Traditionally carried out in the US, Steve learned to make these baskets with April Stone-Dahl, a native maker from Wisconsin. You will learn about pounding, grading and preparing splints and the skills to weave a practical and beautiful fruit basket. Back to top